Thursday, October 13, 2011

blogroll call

Yesterday I spent far too long scoping out blogs to follow on Google Reader, but in a way it was worth it because all I can think about is living a semi-sustainable, self-sufficient life, and it makes me happy. I look forward to silly things like going grocery shopping and making trips to the farmers market and going home for Thanksgiving Break so I can knit and hang out with my dog all day. In five years I will probably be living off dumpstered artisan bread and homemade hummus, eating wild strawberries and cheese from the neighbor's uncle's farm. I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, onward to my list of favorite blogs (which will undoubtedly be updated with great frequency). For the most part they are organized categorically, and some I discovered way back when I was fourteen (eep) and still enjoy today. So I hope you like them too:

3191 Miles Apart
A Beautiful Mess
A Cup of Jo
Glitter and Ink
Owl in the Dark
Skunkboy Creatures
Sweet Fine Day

Matt Cipov
Nicole Mueller
Sabrina Ward Harrison
Samantha Bolton
Sara Hemingway

Green Kitchen Stories
It Ain't Meat, Babe
Lustrous Musings
Sprouted Kitchen
Vegan Feast
Veggie Wedgie

A Cozy Kitchen
Bread & Honey
Cinnamon Mornings
The Cinnamon Quill
David Lebovitz
Improv Kitchen
Joy the Baker
Real Girl's Kitchen
Roost: A Simple Life
Smitten Kitchen
Use Real Butter

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