Tuesday, September 13, 2011

grrrl patches

I made these 2x4 inch patches a few weeks ago. The design on the left was inspired by oldmotherfox's Hairy Pits Club patch, available on Etsy (in other words, I shamelessly stole and altered it. Sorry girl). To make these, I used handmade stencils, scrap fabric and white acrylic paint, though the stencils were not all that effective. My lines were all really messy, so I had to touch them up with black paint obviously.

I have some more fabric and some more paint sitting next to me, and two guys I know have asked me to make patches that represent various physical accomplishments (e.g., completing the saltine cracker challenge), so I suppose that will be my next project. After that, I want to buy studs and go to town on my denim vest.

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