Monday, April 8, 2013


Smorgasburg started back up this weekend, so Betsy and I decided to go together – our first date in something like seven months. Happy days and gorgeous weather and so much food. I'm so looking forward to coming back when the weather gets warmer... more outdoor naps, fewer coats and sweaters.

IMG_0884   IMG_0883 
IMG_0877   IMG_0876

Sandwich with pit beef, white onion, and Tiger Sauce on a Kaiser roll from Pit Beef NYC.
S'mores pie from Butter & Scotch, which we ate while waiting in line for doughnuts from Dough. (Lush.)

IMG_0880   IMG_0878
IMG_0881   IMG_0879

Teriyaki balls from Mimi and Coco, a bizarre mix between pancake & crepe but with a Japanese twist.
We also split an avocado shake (soy milk and liquefied avocado... love! love! love!).


Such a nice lazy day. I feel like this is what you're meant to do in New York – eat delicious overpriced food, enjoy the company of good friends, fall into food coma, and nap for the next few hours (if you're lucky).

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