Saturday, June 16, 2012

feral fruit in the 'burbs

Wild blackberries! A couple months ago I discovered this food blog that I really like. The girl who blogs also maps "feral fruit" in Melbourne, Australia, which I think is absolutely brilliant and is definitely something I want to do on my own.

My parents and I like to take my dog to this local nature trail/park in Alpharetta, and a few weeks ago we discovered a gazillion blackberry bushes everywhere. All the fruits are starting to ripen, and lots of people are already picking them. Yesterday we saw a woman and her daughter picking blackberries... They were seriously prepared - they came with a big ol' kitchen bowl!


Here's a quick tip for you - when it comes to foraging for wild blackberries, make sure to look for plump berries (ideally, they should feel almost as if they're about to burst!) and to stay away from those that are still purplish-red. Otherwise, anything you make will taste really sour and bitter. Also, watch out for all the prickly thorns. I got a bit too zealous and have my share of battle wounds to show for it.

Got to figure out what to make with all our blackberries, but I will definitely post our results soon!

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